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Palo Alto (2013) dir. Gia Coppola

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by day i am just a regular loser, by night i am the same loser only it’s nighttime

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Alex fixing his hair during Arctic Monkeys’ show at Glastonbury 2013

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My favorite line of all time.

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The longest section [in her book] is about how to cope with heartbreak. So, I say, shall we talk about heartbreak?”

I’m not heartbroken any more, but I definitely was when I wrote It [last year],” she says hastily.

Who caused the heartbreak?

"It was various people. There was one big thing, and then there were various ill-advised flings I had to get over him, so yeah," she replies. "Him" as all Alexa fans know, is Alex Turner.

"…I’m grateful for the experience of that shit time, and for being on my own. I’d never really been on my own before – I’d always gone from one relationship to the next – so I had to learn all this stupid stuff. Like, how do I work my fucking TV? And now there isn’t a dude to tell me how to put up the blinds. But it’s good to learn how to work your way round a drill."

She and “Al”, as she calls him, are still friends. “Oh yeah, he’s my best friend,” she says quietly.

-The Guardian, 20/09/13 [x]

Kill me

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Can’t think of anything to do,
my left brain knows that all love is fleeting
she’s just looking for something new,
and I said it once before but it bears repeating now

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