I Wasn't Dreaming And I'm Not Going To Shut Up

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Ok so I’ve been at camp for a whole month and being without my phone is devastating but what is even more devastating than that is I had a cray dream about twin peaks while I was there but I couldn’t explain it to people because no one would know who they were… Isn’t that Awful

Wht is even more awful is that my Maggie is taking me to a concert 4 my b day and I had to get my mom to tell me bc she wouldn’t like if u cried

Lmao when I saw this I thought u said you cried when you found out and I was like shit i thought she would be happy

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"Retard Girl" Hole

See that retard girl staring at the sun
What does she see?
See the retard girl stare at everyone
I hope she doesn’t see me

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I’m so fucking hungry I’m in pain right now but I can’t get up because I’m too tired


john oliver [holding a t-shirt canon]: do you even know how to tap dance?
steve buscemi [tap dancing]: not really, no.

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So pumped soph is coming home tomorrow I hope she sees this